NECLIME Conference and Joint NECLIME workshop in Sofia 2012

  1st to the 4th of October, Sofia, Bulgaria
As counterpart to the meetings in Asia in 2012, NECLIME has held an "European" conference at the at the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research in Sofia (Bulgaria), followed by a Joint Workshop of the NECLIME Working groups on Taxonomy of the Macrobotanical and Palynomorph Record.

The focus of the meeting lay on climate and vegetation evolution in the  Paratethys and Eastern Mediterranean, including Black Sea area and Turkish lacustrine basins.
These were the main topics dicussed:
  • East meets West - Neogene climate and vegetation evolution from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Eastern and Central Paratethys
  • Aridification trends and large scale changes of palaeovegetation patterns - evidence from plants and vertebrates
  • The Plio-Pleistocene transition – evidence from the Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea and surrounding lacustrine basins
  • Multi-proxy approaches in continental palaeoclimate reconstruction
  • Evolution and dynamics of lacustrine systems
  • Higher resolving reconstructions
Please find more information within the scientific program (including all abstracts) and a summery of the dicussion in the report of this meeting. 

the Joint meeting of the NECLIME working groups "Taxonomy of the macrobotanical records of Eurasia"  and the "Taxonomy of Neogene Palynomorphs"  further included intereting presentations, e.g. about the new ideas from the “Atlas of pollen and spores of the Polish Neogene – Angiosperms Vol. 4” (by Elżbieta Worobiec) and "Palaeofloristic, vegetational and climatic reconstructions: a comparative analysis from micro‐ (pollen) and macro-palaeobotanical (leaves, fruits and seeds) data" (by Adele Bertini and Edoardo Martinetto).
Additional topics can be found in the scientific program and in the report from this workshop.

The successful conference and work shop was followed by a 2-day field trip to the Neogene Basins in Southwest Bulgaria, visiting Gotse Delchev and Satovcha Basins, some outcrops with macroflora, diatomites, open cast mine Kanina, as well as some historical and archaeological sites.
The guide book to this field trip can also be downloaded.

Our special thanks go to Mitko, Daria and Vlado and colleagues for a perfectly organized conference, workshop and field trip!


Also, we thank Svetlana and Dimitra very much for sharing their pictures!