Annual Meeting 2014


October, 19th to 22nd, İzmir, Turkey

"Hotel Dokuz Eylül"

The 15th NECLIME Annual Meeting was held in İzmir, Turkey, and was kindly organized by Funda Akgün and Mine Sezgül Kayseri-Özer. From  October, 19th to 22nd, 2014 the NECLIME member and friends met at the Conference Center of the Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology at the Dokuz Eylül University.
As already with the “Anniversary NECLIME Meeting” held in Izmir in 2009, Funda and Sezgül with their team spent much time and effort thus enabling another Turkish NECLIME annual meeting in a most friendly atmosphere. All their effort and dedication is gratefully acknowledged.

Ca. 30 participants joint the meeting and 20 contributions (oral and poster) were presented. NECLIME members from 6 countries (China, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, The Netherlands) participated with contributions covering a wide range of scientific fields, including geology, invertebrate and vertebrate palaeontology, palaeobotany, ecology, and numeric modelling of the biosphere, covering the time-span from the Oligocene to Holocene.

The core topic were intended to address biodiversity in a more general context regarding both flora and fauna following these questions
  • Diversity of plant functional types
  • Definition of suitable indices
  • Biome modelling
The second focus was put on Anatolia and the eastern Mediterranean
  • Neogene stratigraphy and  geology
  • Structural Geology, tectonic evolution, and palaeoelevation of the different structural units of Anatolia
  • Regional response of the biota (flora, fauna) on palaeogeographic changes and on global climate changes
  • Paleoenvironmental multi-proxy studies (vegetation, invertebrates, vertebrates, isotopes)
  • Paleoenvironment of early humans 
  • Floral relicts as well as connections to East Asia

Further, the meeting included a visit of the archaeological site of Smyrna in the afternoon of the second conference day, providing the unique opportunity of an introduction to ongoing excavations kindly given by the archaeologist in charge, Akin Ersoy (Department of Archaeology, Dokuz Eylül University).
The 15th NECLIME Annual Meeting  was followed directly by the 5th workshop of the working group on the "Taxonomy Neogene Palynomorphs" in Küthaya (22nd  to the 26th of October).

Please find all the information about the meeting in the 1st circular and 2nd circular.
A detailed schedule can be found within  scientific program.

More information about the Palyno-workshop in Küthaya can be found within the 1st circular as well as in the 2nd circular of the workshop itself and in the section "groups" "Taxonomy of Neogene Palynomorphs"

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