3rd NECLIME Asian Meeting

23rd to 24th of February 2016,Lucknow, India


The 17th Annual NECLIME meeeting was the 1st NECLIME meeting in India and the 3rd NECLIME meeting of NECLIME memebers in Asia and took place on the 23rd to 24th of February 2016 at the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany (BSIP) in Lucknow, northern India

Thanks to the excellent organization provided by our Indian colleagues and their kind hospitality our NECLIME meeting was a great success. Above all we thank Vandana Prasad for her commitment and Sunil Pajpai for offering all facilities and for kindly supporting us.
We further are very grateful to Vivek for taking us around historical Lucknow, Pradeep for introducing to us outcrops on the Indo-Gangetic Plain with great expertise, and Anjum for showing us around the Nawabganj Lake. Thank you all for that!

More than 200 participants joined the meeting which included 5 keynotes on various core topics, 16 oral and 28 poster contributions. The contributions were arranged in topical sessions (I – V) covering the topics  palaeobiogeography/biodiversity, climate/fauna, palaeoclimate reconstruction, coastal and marine records, as well as Quaternary climate and vegetation dynamics.
Due to the relatively broad topical spectrum of the contributions, covering the entire Cenozoic and the Quaternary, and mainly focusing on India and other low latitudinal areas provided an excellent introduction for NECLIME into a region that so far represents an almost white area on NECLIME maps and in our data bases. 

This meeting provided a unique opportunity to further extend th joint research between NECLIME and Indian colleagues. These are the planned topics:

  • Biotic and geochemical signals of deep-time global warming
    • Quantitative reconstruction of early Paleogene warming events in low and high latitudinal regions
    • Quantitative reconstruction of Mio-Pliocene climate changes and related climate modelling approaches utilizing fossil data with modern techniques in geochronology, stable isotopes
    • Ecosystem response to major tectonic and climatic changes 
  • Biodiversity during Paleogene and Neogene times
    • Biodiversity hotspots in the Himalayas, and lowland tropical regions of India and SE Asia
    • Molecular phylogeny of extant biota in the context of tectonic history, paleobiogeographic patterns and climate change
    • Plant succession pattern and environmental gradients in tropical and subtropical biomes 
  • Neogene and Quaternary climate reconstruction
    • Climate reconstruction of Neogene and Quaternary successions of the Himalayas and adjacent low land areas
    • Mangrove pollen records and sea-level changes
    • Neogene linkages between climate variability, atmospheric CO2 and ocean gateways
    • Climate-culture relationship during the Quaternary period
  • General NECLIME topics
Details about all presentations can be found in the abstract book, more information about the meeting including its final discussion is summerized in the report of the meeting.
The field guide to the  two-day field tip to Pleistocene/Holocene and archaeological sites around Lucknow  is also available for download.
More information is available in the 1st circular and 2nd circular.

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