NECLIME Annual Meeting 2019

  September, 25th to 26th, 2017, Saint Petersburg, Russia
The 19th NECLIME Annual Meeting (23rd to 27th September, 2019) is going to take place in Saint Petersburg (Russia) at the Komarov Botanical Instititute of the Russian Academy of Sciences directly following the  Memorial Readings of the A.N. Kryshtofovich.

The scientific program contains the following topics
  • Palaeoclimate and –vegetation evolution of Northern Eurasia (key regions Russian Far East and Northern China)
  • Palaeoclimate and –vegetation evolution of Central Asia (key region Kasakhstan)
  • Plio-Pleistocene palaeobotanical records of Northern Eurasia
  • Cenozoic mammal records of Northern and Central Eurasia and their environmental implications
  • High-latitude climates and vegetation
  • General NECLIME topics
The meeting was organized by Natalia Nosova, Dmitry Gromyko, Lina Golovneva, and Svetlana Popova at the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, a venue well-proven for NECLIME meetings. With a total of 50 participants, 21 oral, and six poster presentations the meeting covered a wide range of topics.

One part of sessions on the first day of the meeting focussed on larger scale vegetational patterns, their evolution through time and interactions with palaeoclimate conditions, and the reconstruction of past atmospheric CO2, the other on early Pleistocene to Holocene vegetation and climate dynamics including aspects of human evolution and culture, respectively. Sessions on the second day were dedicated to the floristics of East Asia and the Paratethys, moreover, case studies on Paleogene floristic exchange in Eurasia, high latitude wood anatomy, and Paleogene equatorial climates were presented. In the last presentation, the carpological database of the Komarov Botanical Institute was introduced.

The meeting included two excursions which were also joined by participants of the Memorial Readings of A. N. Kryshtofovich. The first excursion took us to a nature reserve around Sestroretskiy Razliv Lake where a guided tour provided insight into vegetational successions of raised bog communities in the glacial morphology of Karelia while in the afternoon we had the chance to visit Kronstadt, the historical maritime defence outpost of St. Petersburg and famous Russian fleet base.
A second 4-day field trip was organized to the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden of the Academy of Science located in the Murmansk region near Kirovsk. The nearly 24-hours train trip to the North through mixed boreal forests in autumn color was an outstanding experience to all participants. In a guided tour to the Botanical Garden and surrounding Khibiny Mountains, an area of great natural beauty, the impressive plant collection of the garden and altitudinal vegetation changes near the regional tree line were presented by the local colleagues which is gratefully acknowledged.

Thanks to the dedication and grand hospitality of our Russian friends, this second Saint Petersburg meeting of NECLIME and both field trips were a great success. Special thanks go to Svetlana Popova, for her brilliant organization and for taking care for us all.

More information on this meeting is availabone in the 1st circular2nd circluar and 3rd circular as well as the scientific program and the abstract book.

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