Annual Meeting 2010

  8th July, Budapest, Hungary

The NECLIME annual meeting 2010 was held on July 8 in the afternoon, in the frame of the 8th EPPC in Budapest. The meeting focussed on the preparation of a working plan for future research in order to achieve the Izmir 2009 objectives (cf. NECLIME 2020). Reports from the chair included the current state of NECLIME research, outlined on the basis of two NECLIME special issues in preparation (Utescher, Böhme, Mosbrugger. Palaeo 3; Akgün, Bruch. Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences / TJES), and currant working group activities. The venue for the NECLIME annual meeting 2011 in Bucharest was introduced by Stanila Iamandei.

 We are grateful to the organizing committee of the EPPC for providing the facilities for this meeting. Special thanks go to Lilla Hably and Boglárka Erdei for their kind assistance.

 NECLIME symposia on the 8th EPPC 2010, Budapest

 Beyond Milankovitch - Cenozoic vegetational dynamics on millennial to decadal scales

Convenors: Andrea Kern, Mathias Harzhauser, Torsten Utescher

Evolution and palaeoclimate  - molecular phylogenetic approaches and the Cenozoic plant fossil record

Convenors: Svetlana Popova, Alexandra Nora Muellner

Early Pleistocene terrestrial climate and vegetation - the environment of early humans

Convenors: Angela A. Bruch, Suzanne Leroy

Palaeocarpological records

Convenors: Edoardo Martinetto, Carol Gee