Annual Meeting 2010


18th - 20th November, Kunming, China

“The Key Laboratory of Biodiversity and Biogeography Chinese  Academy of Sciences NECLIME Symposium”


Thanks to our colleagues from the Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB), Chinese Academy of Sciences, it was for the first time possible to organise a NECLIME meeting in China, including a field trip to an evergreen broadleaved forest stand (Xishan Rock). We are indebted to Prof. Zhou Zhe-Kun and his team for arranging a perfect meeting. The financial support granted by the Key Laboratory of Biodiversity and Biogeography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is gratefully acknowledged.

In the latest years, a lot of work has been done by Chinese colleagues and NECLIME members to reconstruct the climate and vegetation evolution in China. The Kunming symposium provided an excellent opportunity to exchange new results and ideas on the Neogene climate evolution research in Eurasia.

The first part of the scientific program concentrated on methodological aspects and larger scale patterns on the Northern Hemisphere, including the history of the Asian monsoon systems and Himalayan uplift. In the second part, the impact of Neogene climatic and environmental changes on East Asian biodiversity were in the focus [see Abstracts].

In the final discussion the following points were put on record:

A second NECLIME meeting in China is intended in Nanjing, in May 2012, hosted by Prof. Wang Wei-Ming.

At the IPC/IOPC, Tokio, Japan, August 2012, NECLIME Symposia will be organised.

Key topics

  • Analysis of monsoonal patterns

    • assessment of variables quantifying monsoonal patterns that can be reconstructed from palaeobotanical proxies
    • identification of palaeo-altitude
    • corresponding modelling studies for atmosphere, ocean, and bioshere
  •  Atmospheric CO2
    • atmospheric CO2 and Neogene climate change
    • implications of palaeo-altitude on CO2 reconstructions from fossil plants
  •  Using wood anatomy for palaeoclimate reconstruction

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