Digital data on plant distribution

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Coordination: Angela A. Bruch, Torsten Utescher

Reports of this working group available for download

Forthcoming workshops

5th NECLIME working group meeting "Digital data on plant distribution"

The 5th workshop of this NECLIME working group is currently in planning.

Past workshops

4th NECLIME working group meeting "Digital data on plant distribution"

The 4th workshop of this NECLIME working group was held on May, 30th to 31st, 2017, at the Unité de Modélisation du Climat et des Cycles Biogéochimiques, Université de Liège, in Liège (Belgium), kindly organized by Louis François and Alexandra Henrot and supported by the Past warth Network (PEN;
Each discussion was introduced by an short talk
  • Quantification of climate requirements of plant taxa using digital data on plant distribution – chorological resources and their quality
  • Sensitive climate variables in palaeoclimate reconstructions
  • Setting up a standard for the generation of climate data sets based on digital resources – data handling and statistical procedures
  • The role of CO2 in triggering climatic requirements of plants
  • Additional short presentations
Find more information about the organisation in the 1st circular, 2nd circular and 3rd circular.
The results of the discussion are summarized within the report of the workshop.

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3rd NECLIME working group meeting "Digital data on plant distribution"

This 2-day workshop took place on 20th to 22th of November 2014 in Stratton Audley (Oxfordshire, UK).
The discussion will strictly focus on the role of CO2 in paleoclimatic reconstructions and if and how vegetation adapts to changes in CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
We, again, thanks Teresa and Bob Spicer for holding the workshop in their home.
Read more information in the 2nd circular and the report.

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2nd NECLIME working group meeting "Digital data on plant distribution"

A one-day workshop took place on the 15th of Dezember 2012 in Stratton Audley (Oxfordshire, UK).
Discussion focused on
  • Different Plant Functional Type classifications
  • Meterologial vs gridded climatic data
  • Quality of distribution maps
  • Basics of the dymanic vegetation model
  • How to use PFTs to characterize openness of a vegetation
We would like to sincerely thank Bob and Teresa Spicer for organizing this small but productive workshop at their home in lovely Stratton Audley!

1st meeting and workshop

 January 13th, 2010, Frankfurt/M; summary of the discussion

Useful links

  • Tropicos
    nomenclatural, bibliographic, and specimen data accumulated in MBG’s electronic databases

  • BIEN - Botanical Information and Ecology Network
    network of ecologists, botanists, and computer scientists working together to document global patterns of plant diversity, function and distribution (mainly New World)

    tracks more than 2,000 forest plots in 31 countries (mainly tropics)

  • African Plant Database
    database comprises 200179 names of African plants with their nomenclatural statuts

  • Plants of southern Africa
    access to South African plant names (taxa), specimens (herbarium sheets) and observations of plants


ChoroTree is a database for chorology of trees and shrubs. Information for the global distribution of plant were collected, which are illustrated as maps. These distribution-maps are based on polygon-data, point data and grid-data, which got transfered into GIS-compliant data. An easy to use webpage provides one table for each taxon, containing map ID, mapped taxon, actual taxon name, genus, family, reference and a map link. Finner gridded maps can be obtained by contacting the webmaster Christopher Traiser.
Get more information at the webpage!

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