Detailed and high-resolution records

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Coordination: Andrea K. Kern, Mathias Harzhauser, Dimiter Ivanov

This working group aims to describe changes over time by using high-resolution methologies. As these require a high amount of samples, statistical techniques and geoscience-adapted software is useful to analyze the measured/counted data. A further main interest lies on the interaction of high-pace vegetation-climate change as well as the connection to cyclicities (Milankovitch cycles, solar cycles, etc.).

Reports of this working group available for download

Forthcoming workshop

At the moment, there is no upcoming workshop planned.
If you are interested to attend a workshop and/or learn about high-resolution analysis techniques, statistical data processing or analysis of cyclicities, feel free to  contact the coordinators.

Past workshop

First workshop was held in April, 11th to 13th, 2011, in Vienna, organized by the Natural History Museum of Vienna and the University of Vienna.
Martin H. Trauth gave an introduction into the program MATLAB focusing on time-series analysis, signal progressing and image processing. This workshop was supposed to collect a wider knowledge about statistical programs commonly used in geosciences. 

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