Annual meeting 2011


Annual NECLIME meeting 2011,  27th to 30st September, Bucharest

The 12th annual NECLIME meeting was held in Bucharest, Romania, in the National Geological Museum, being co-organized by NECLIME and by IGR  (Geological Institute of Romania) with the support of RSP (Romanian Society of Paleontologists) and ANCS (National Authority for Scientific Research). We specially thank main organizers, Iamandei Stănilă, Angela Bruch and Paraschiv Valentin and every participant for their contributions and the great discussion.
The abstract volume of this meeting in published as special issue of the Anuarul Institutului Geologic al Romȃniei Vol. 77 and can also be downloaded here.
For a whole report, please check the NECLIME newsletter from November2011, which can be view here.

Main topics of the meeting were
  • Neogene climate and vegetation evolution with a regional focus on Western Eurasia
  • The use of fossile wood in paleoclimate reconstructions
  • Quantification of monsoonal patterns, palaeo-elecation and teleconnections; focus on Eastern Eurasian Neogene

The program, 3rd circular2nd circular and 1st circular remain available online.

Enjoy some pictures!

bucharest1 Bucharest2 Bucharest3 Bucharest4 Bucharest_excursion