NECLIME  1st synthesis volume

Miocene Climate in Europe – patterns and evolution

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 253 (1-2)


Editors: Bruch, A.A., Uhl, D., Mosbrugger, V.
Miocene Climate in Europe - Patterns and Evolution.


Harzhauser, M., Piller, W.E.
Benchmark data of a changing sea - Palaeogeography, Palaeobiogeography and Events in the Central Paratethys during the Miocene.


Zlatko Kvaček
Do extant nearest relatives of thermophile European Tertiary elements reliably reflect climatic signal?

Martinetto, E., Uhl, D., Tarabra, E.
Leaf physiognomic indications for a moist warm-temperate climate in NW Italy during the Messinian (Late Miocene).

Climate Reconstruction

Akgün, F., Kayseri, M.S., Akkiraz, M.S.
Palaeoclimatic evolution and vegetational changes during the Late Oligocene–Miocene period in the Western and Central Anatolia (Turkey).
[see data in PANGAEA]

Böhme, M., Bruch, A.A., Selmeier, A.
Implications of fossil wood for the reconstruction of vegetation and climate of the Early and Middle Miocene in the North Alpine Foreland Basin.
[see data in PANGAEA]

Erdei, B., Hably, L., Kázmér, M., Utescher. T., Bruch, A.A.
Neogene flora and vegetation development in the Pannonian Basin - relations to palaeoclimate and palaeogeography.
[see data in PANGAEA]

Utescher, T., Mosbrugger, V., Bruch, A.A., Milutinovic, D.
Climate and vegetation changes in Serbia during the last 30 Ma.
[see data in PANGAEA]

Syabryaj, S., Molchanoff, S., Utescher,T., Bruch, A.A.
Changes of climate and vegetation during the Miocene on the territory of Ukraine.
[see data in PANGAEA]

Andreas Kroh
Climate Changes in the Early to Middle Miocene of the Central Paratethys and the Origin of its Echinoderm Fauna.

Vegetation Reconstruction and Climate Modelling on large spatial scales

Jiménez-Moreno, G., Suc, J.-P.
Middle Miocene Latitudinal Climatic Gradient in Western Europe: Evidence from Pollen Records.

Utescher, T., Erdei, B., Francois, L., Mosbrugger, V.
Tree diversity in the Miocene forests of Western Eurasia.

Micheels, A., Bruch, A.A., Uhl, D., Mosbrugger, V.
The global Tortonian vegetation and its influence on climate: Results from a sensitivity experiment with the AGCM ECHAM4/ML.