2nd NECLIME Synthesis Volume

The Neogene of Eurasia: spatial gradients and temporal trends

Palaeogeography, Palaeoecology, Palaeoclimatology, 304

Editors: Torsten Utescher, Madlaine Böhme, Volker Mosbrugger
The Neogene of Eurasia: spatial gradients and temporal trends.



Utescher, T., Böhme, M., Mosbrugger., V.
The Neogene of Eurasia: Spatial gradients and temporal trends — The
second synthesis of NECLIME

Climate and Ecosystem Evolution in Western Eurasia

Bruch, A.A., Utescher, T., Mosbrugger, V. and NECLIME members
Precipitation patterns in the Miocene of Central Europe and the development of continentality.

Böhme, M., Winklhofer, M., Ilg, A.
Miocene precipitation in Europe: Temporal trends and spatial gradients

Furió, M., Casanovas-Vilar, I., van den Hoek Ostende, L.W.
Predictable structure of Miocene insectivore (Lipotyphla) faunas in Western Europe along a latitudinal gradient.

Bertini, A., Martinetto E.
Reconstruction of vegetation transects for theMessinian–Piacenzian of Italy by means of comparative analysis of pollen, leaf and carpo.

Kern, A., Harzhauser, M., Mandic, O., Roetzel, R., Ćorić, S., Bruch, A.A., Zuschin, M.
Millennial-scale vegetation dynamics in an estuary at the onset of the Miocene Climate Optimum.

Ivanov, D., Utescher, T., Mosbrugger, V., Syabryaj, S., Djordjević-Milutinović D., Molchanoff S.
Miocene vegetation and climate dynamics in Eastern and Central Paratethys (Southeastern Europe).

Akkiraz, M.S., Akgün, F., Utescher, T., Bruch, A.A., Mosbrugger, V.
Precipitation gradients during the Miocene in Western and Central Turkey as quantified from pollen data.

Climate and Ecosystem Evolution in Eastern Eurasia

Yao, Y.-F., Bruch, A.A., Mosbrugger, V., Li, C.-S.
Quantitative reconstruction of Miocene climate patterns and evolution in Southern China based on plant fossils.

Liu, Y.-S. (Christopher), Utescher, T., Zhou Z., Sun, B.
The evolution of Miocene climates in North China: Preliminary results of quantitative reconstructions from plant fossil records.

Jacques, F.M.B., Guo, S.-X., Su, T., Xing, Y.-W., Huang, Y.-J., Liu, Y.-S. (Christopher), Ferguson, D.K., Zhou Z.-K. 
Quantitative reconstruction of the Late Miocene monsoon climates of southwest China: A case study of the Lincang flora from Yunnan Province.

Sun, B.-N., WU, J.-Y., Liu Y.-S. (Christopher), Ding, S.-T., Li X.-C., Xie, S.-P., Yan, D.-F., Lin, Z.-C.
Reconstructing Neogene vegetation and climates to infer tectonic uplift in western Yunnan, China.

Proxy-Based Large Scale Patterns and Model Experiments

Micheels, A., Bruch, A.A.,  Eronen, J., Fortelius, M., Harzhauser, M.,  Utescher T., Mosbrugger V.
Analysis of heat transport mechanisms froma LateMiocene model experiment with a fully-coupled atmosphere–ocean general circulation model.

Utescher, T., Bruch, A.A., Micheels, A., Mosbrugger, V., Popova, S.
Cenozoic climate gradients in Eurasia — a palaeo-perspective on future climate change?

François, L., Utescher, T.,  Favre, E., Henrot, A.-J., Warnant, P., Micheels, A., Erdei, B., Suc, J.-P., Cheddadi R., Mosbrugger, V.
Modelling Late Miocene vegetation in Europe: Results of the CARAIB model and comparison with palaeovegetation data.