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NECLIME online conference, 2022

The second NECLIME online conference is going to take place on November, 21-25, 2022. The event is again free of charge.
The scientific focus of this meeting will be on

  1. Quantifying past plant biodiversity and vegetation history
  2. Reconstructing the extremes

Contribtion on all NECLIME-related topics are welcome. Please register by email until September, 30, 2022. Please find more details in the 1. circular.

ANTICIPATED - NECLIME Annual Meeting, Tbilisi (Georgia)

NECLIME still plans to hold a scientific conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. This region offers a great oppertunity to discuss the history of biodiverstiy and patterns of climate and vegetation change through time.
A 3-4 day post-meeting excursion is proposed to visit the altitudinal vegetation succession of Lagodekhi National Park (Eastern Georgia) with Caucasian Oriental beech forests (with Pterocarya fraxinifolia).
This meeting is currently postponed.

ANTICIPATED – 4. NECLIME Asian Meeting, Matsudo/Chiba (Japan)

The 5. NECLIME Asian Meeting is planned to take place at the Faculty of Horticulture at Chiba University (Japan). We are very thankful to Arata Momohara who will be our local host.
Field trips will be offered to visit Mt. Takao (mixed forest of Fagus japonica, Cyclobalanopsis, Abies, and Tsuga), the latest Pliocene Metasequoia fossil forest in west Tokyo, the Fagus crenata forest in heavy snow areas and the early Pleistocene Uonuma Group of south Niigata.
This meeting is currently postponed.

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