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NECLIME Annual Meeting 2023, Matsudo/Chiba, Japan, August 30 to September 6, 2023

Next year’s NECLIME annual meeting will be held in Matsudo, Chiba, Japan, cosponsored by the Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University. This conference will be our first hybrid meeting, organized as an in-person event with online option for colleagues with difficulties traveling abroad.

There will be the opportunity to visit the mixed mesophytic forest of Fagus japonica, Cyclobalanopsis, Abies, and Tsuga at Mt. Takao (west Tokyo) on a 1-day excursion. Moreover, a 4-days excursion will lead to several locations of fossil and modern forests.

We are very grateful to our local hosts Arata Momohara, Yoichi Watanabe (Chiba University), and Chiyomi Yamakawa (Lake Biwa Museum) who make this event possible.
Please see the 1. circular and register by email before March 10, 2023.

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