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Report of the NECLIME early career scientist network

For the first time, a group of early career scientits met on October, 8, 2021, to exchange their ideas to form their own network within NECLIME in order to establish new cooperations among them and to learn from more experience researcher of our community. The report of the workshop will give a summery of the topics discussed and how this potential new working group will continue.

Report of the NECLIME online conference on South Asia

The report of the second NECLIME online conference is now available. We sincerly thank the organizers at the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeoscience in Lucknow for all their work on this successful event which took place between September 7-9, 2021. Participants came from eleven different countries and presented research spanning from the Paleocene-Eocene to the Pleistocene. Find more details in the content of this confernce in the scientific program and abstract volume.

Program of the NECLIME online conference on South Asia

The program and abstract volume of the of our upcoming meeting on the Siwalik and age-equivalent sediments is now available. The meeting will be held online using google meet between September 7-9, 2021. Please find the time program including references to the time zones of all international participants included. If you have not yet received information on how to join the meeting, please don't hesitate to contact the organizers. We are looking forward to a successful second NECLIME online confernence.

Update NECLIME online conference on South Asia

The second circular of the upcoming NECLIME online conference on South Asia was now distributed. This online event will take place between September, 7-9, 2021 and is free of charge. Main topics of the meeting will be

  1. Age and depositional environment(s) of Siwalik and Siwalik-equivalent sediments
  2. Biotic (flora and fauna) evolution and biogeography during the Neogene
  3. Climatic change(s) during the Neogene

Registration deadline is postponed to August 10, 2021. Please use this registration form attached in an email to the organizers.

NECLIME online workshop of early career scientists, October 2021

Discussions during our last meeting showed the demand of a new NECLIME network shaped towards the needs of early career scientists (MSc/PhD students, early postdocs). In this announced workshop, we want to explore this idea togehter and find the best way to connect and foster young scientits interested in NECLIME. This workshop is going to take place online on October 8, 2021 and is free of charge. Everyone interested should please register with a form attached to the announcement before September 15, 2021.
Please spread the
announcement of an early career workshop within the NECLIME network with all your students and colleages!

NECLIME online conference on South Asia, September 2021

We are very happy to announce the next NECIME online conference entitled "Neogene climate evolution and biotic response(s) in south Asia". The conference is organized by our members Dr. Vandana Prasad, Dr. Gaurav Srivastava and Dr. Vivesh V. Kapur from the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow (India). It will take place on September 7–9, 2021 as an online meeting free of charges.
More details on the scientific program can be found in the
first circular.
Please register before July 10, 2021, using this
registration form attached in an email to the organizers.

Report of the NECLIME online conference

The NECLIME Online Conference took place from April 19 to 21, 2021. We are very happy that this online format was well received with 61 registered participants from 20 countries including many researcher joining for the first time as well as many young reseachers. Thank you all for staying connected to NECLIME!
More details can be found within the report of online conference , including also an outlook into all NECLIME events currently in planning. More news on upcomming events will follow soon!

NECLIME online conference 2021 April 19-22

In the light of the ongoing global health situation we suggest to try a new format and meet online to stay in touch. With this meeting we would like to give you the opportunity to share your current research and exchange ideas. Thus the topics of this meeting will be open to any NECLIME related fields. We will also take this opportunity to keep you informed and discuss news regarding organization and outreach of NECLIME.
Please see the 1. circular (abstracts will be due April 1st).
We hope you will find this concept worthwhile and join us next spring!

POSTPONED – NECLIME at the XV. IPC / XI. IOPC Prague, (Czech Republic)

The XV International Palynological Congress and XI International Organization of Palaeobotany Conference (IPC/IOPC) in Prague is still undergoing changes in their organization.
We will inform everyone as soon as we get more information in this event.

ANTICIPATED – 20. NECLIME Annual Meeting, Tbilisi (Georgia)

If possible, the NECLIME annual meeting will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia. The scientific meeting will be held at the Georgian National Museum, where Eliso Kvavadze and Maia Bukhsianidze will be our local hosts - big thanks to their for this kind invitation!
A 3-4 day post-meeting excursion is planned to visit the altitudinal vegetation succession of Lagodekhi National Park (Eastern Georgia) with Caucasian Oriental beech forests Pterocarya fraxinifolia.
We will keep you updated if this meeting can take place in late 2021!

ANTICIPATED – 4. NECLIME Asian Meeting, Matsudo/Chiba (Japan), 2022

The 4. NECLIME Asian Meeting is planned to take place at the Faculty of Horticulture at Chiba University (Japan). We are very thankful to Arata Momohara who will be our local host.
Field trips will be offered to visit Mt. Takao (mixed forest of Fagus japonica, Cyclobalanopsis, Abies, and Tsuga), the latest Pliocene Metasequoia fossil forest in west Tokyo, the Fagus crenata forest in heavy snow areas and the early Pleistocene Uonuma Group of south Niigata.
More information will follow as soon as the meeting can be planned again.


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