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Field school announcement

Our colleague Davit Vasiliyan is organizing a Paleontological Field School this autumn. The field school is open to students from universities or other academic institutions and will take place from November 4-15, 2024 in Armenia and Kazakhstan.

Details on the announcement and application can be found in this pdf and the following links in English or French.
The application deadline is 17.07.2024.

New publication: Overview on the Iberian Paleofloras

Pepe Carrion and colleagues published a comprehensive overview on the Iberian Paleofloras. This impressive and beautiful book is open access and available here --> Iberian Palaeoflora and Paleovegetation.

13th workshop of the working group on palynology

The next NECLIME pollen workshop will be held in Cracow, Poland in october 23-26, 2024.
More details you will find under Events/Workshops.

Publication of the Palaeoflora Database

It's done! The key tables of the Palaeoflora Database providing essential information about fossil taxa, nearest living relatives (NLRs), and climatic requirements for a total of seven variables have been published in the open repository Zenodo. The publication includes tables (2024 update) and a detailed documentation. The link to the publication is provided on this website under Resources/Databases.

The published Palaeoflora data replace the data previously available on the Palaeoflora website ( and are cited using the reference (see Publications 2024). The previous Palaeoflora website will no longer be operational for technical reasons and high effort connected to its maintenance.

It is planned to update the published Palaeoflora tables on a regular basis. Thus, your input is highly welcome. Please contact the corresponding author if you encounter any data needing revision.

NECLIME annual conference 2024, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 8-15 September

The next NECLIME annual meeting will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, organized by Saida Nigmatova, Svetlana Popova and colleagues. Scientifically, the focus will be put on Cenozoic climate and ecosystem evolution in Central Asia, especially in extreme environments.

Excursions are planned to Paleogene-Neogene deposits of South-East Kazakhstan in Altyn-Emel National Park with Miocene fauna and flora.

More information you can find in the second circular.

20th IBC, Madrid, Spain, 21-27 July, 2024

The next International Botanical Congress will take place in Madrid (Spain) on the following dates: Nomenclature Section, 15–19 July 2024; Congress, 21–27 July 2024.

Accepted session:
The origin and evolution of modern plant diversity: insights from multiple disciplines
organized by Su Tao, Alexandra Müllner-Riehl, Gaurav Srivastava, Agathe Toumoulin

More information about 20th IBC in Madrid 2024 can be found here.

NECLIME Newsletter 2023

Thanks to all of you for your dedication and active roles in the network during this year – from contributions and discussions at our meetings to introducing and promoting NECLIME to your students and to a wider scientific community. An active and visible NECLIME which attracts new colleagues ensures not only the future of our network but also its growing relevance for climate and biodiversity research. We would also be happy to support your activities at any time and distribute information to the NECLIME network. Take advantage of our email list and keep in touch!
You can find the newsletter here.


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