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Organization of NECLIME

NECLIME is an international research network studying the interaction of climate and environment throughout the Cenozoic. All NECLIME members contribute to new ideas of NECLIME research activities, and NECLIME events often set the direction of new scientific initiatives.
The organization of NECLIME is the responsibility of a small coordination team. New ideas are further discussed with an international and diverse advisory board, which supports the NECLIME community with their experience in creating new plans for the future of NECLIME.
If you are interested in joining NECLIME, please contact one of the members of the coordination team.

General coordination

Angela A. Bruch, Dana Höfer, Marianna Kováčová, Martina Stebich, Torsten Utescher

Advisory board

Funda Akgün, Izmir, Turkey
Adele Bertini, Firenze, Italy
Dimitri Gromyko, St. Petersburg, Russia
Christine Hertler, Frankfurt, Germany
Volker Mosbrugger, Frankfurt, Germany
Vandana Prasad, Lucknow, India
Rober A. Spicer, Stratton Audley, UK
Dieter Uhl, Frankfurt, Germany
Zhou Zhe-Kun, Kunming, China

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